Friday, September 16, 2011


Today I visited my youngest four children for the last time in what will probably be a year, if not longer.  I could have hugged and kissed them forever and never gotten tired of it. 

Of all the things I am looking at facing over the coming months I can think of nothing more difficult that leaving behind my children...I will still be able to call them on a fairly regular basis but nothing compares to being face to face and holding the ones you love.  I know in my heart that they will be well cared for and safe where they are at but it is still a challenge to let go and trust.

My thoughts are with my babies...I am not an incredibly religous person in the typical sense but my prayers and love go out to them, tonight.


  1. Hi, this is Nancy from the Miller Mart on Holland Rd in Suffolk VA. Just checking in to see how the trek is going. Hope all is well with you and Mike. Going to check Mike's blog also.

  2. I don't know why these comments weren't showing up for me before but thanks for checking in Nancy!