Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Overdue Update!

As you can imagine, a lot has happened since the last time that I posted...I will probably forget to include half of it but here's a quick run-down of the goings on for the last 4 weeks!

At around the same time of my last post we met a couple at the RV Park we were staying at that had some products (pool mastic and concrete crack repair) they were wanting installed at various residences in the area.  The money was decent and the work wasn't so much difficult as it was long and tedious (not to mention hot being out in the sun all day!).  We stayed there with them for a couple of weeks (procuring a conversion van in the process given the fact that my knee was not, and is still not, in top working order).  There were, however, some issues with drinking and fighting (between them on a daily basis) that caused us to eventually decide we could not stay any longer and maintain any semblance of sanity.  We took what little money we had and left, first heading down to Austin and San Antonio to see if we might want to stay there to work instead, then ultimately deciding to take the chance and head straight for Phoenix, AZ.

We made it (with nothing left to spare in the cash department) and have been here for a week now.  We have been sleeping in our van (which has a convenient couch-style back seat that folds down into a bed)...alternating between truck stops and Walmart parking lots. 

So far we have been lucky enough to make just enough money responding to various Craigslist Gig ads to keep some gas in the van and food in our stomachs.  When I say "just enough" I mean "no more than what's needed on a daily basis".  We daily get down to completely broke, then we get a call back on a job we requested and we're set for another day.  It's a very stressful way to live, not knowing when/if you're going to make it from one minute to the next.

At the moment we are attempting to fix the van (it's emitting a high pitched squeal that seems to be coming from the power steering pump) with a little help from a gentleman we met while helping a lady replace a couple of blown tires on her horse trailer yesterday.  Right now it's our livelihood so we are putting the last of our money (again) into it and hopefully it will be fixed when we're done!

I will make another post at a later time with more details and some pictures as well but right now I'm being summoned to make a run to the auto parts store...oh, what fun!


  1. I'm happy you guys are okay and doing good. I didn't want to tell you on fb that PGI is opening a site in Hawaii. I applied for manager there. For some reason I can't part from my Photogenic ways...Chad would be proud....lol

  2. Very cool...I hope you get it! Let me help you...